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20342 Southwest Acacia Street, STE 100
Newport Beach, CA, 92660
United States

949 813-3550


Light + Motion


I am a designer and artist specializing in light and motion. These pure building blocks make up the more familiar media of video, photography, and music... all of which I love and participate in. Rather than commit to expertise in these or other fields, I've chosen to become a student of the underlying ideas of light and motion, and focus on creating exceptional experiences whether or not they align with traditional or existing media. I work at VeracityColab as the Director of Motion Design, leading the motion department and dreaming up the future of video.


I dabble in:

Vector Design/Animation
VFX Supervision
Traditional Animation
Typography and Hand-Lettering
3D Animation and Rendering
Interactive Experience Design
Projection Mapping
Musical Performance and Sound Design

...and other boring things.



Portrait by Olivia Blinn.